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Danger Boy Records was established in January 2016 by Jonathan Gill Thwaits as a means to record and release music independently. Based in the Phoenix Arizona metro area.

Where does the name come from? - Danger Boy is the name of the first complete song that Gill wrote in his first band: Only Anything, when he was 14 years old in Tucson Arizona.

"He wears a mask that hides his face, he needs to tie his left shoelace, he's Danger Boy"

Contact: dangerboyrecords@gmail.com for inquiries.


Gillwire released the debut album Silver Streak on July 8th 2016. The follow up release is planned for 2017 starting with the single "Darker Days" which was released January 31st.

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Chord Progression of the Week #cpotw

New Video Series in 2017!
Gillwire posts a new instructional video every Wednesday, each week he gives a harmonic analysis of one of his favorite chord progressions.

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chord progression of the week